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Fornier - 24 Noviembre 18:16

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Marin - 12 Febrero 11:25

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Bibi - 22 Diciembre 21:52

Absolutely, as long as all partners consent and communicate effectively then there's nothing wrong with it. :)

Admin - 8 Febrero 06:59

Here's a question: I know when I was a teen, people at school were having sex while younger than the age of consent. What do you say to your child about when it's appropriate/legal to have sex? Is there an age that's too young to have healthy sex? As an example, say I have a 13 year old child who I've told about sex, and now they want to experiment with a friend. What do I say to them?

Lolita - 3 Octubre 11:22

i want fuck her Under these shorts

Damaris - 20 Marzo 15:09

why no sound?